ePIC is a consortium consisting of strong international IT service centers for science. The consortium takes the responsibility to setup and maintain the PID services as highly reliable, persistent and high-performance  services. This goal is achieved by sharing the same service, improving, and using the same API. Additionally, the members are using a redundancy scheme within the consortium.

In order to have a broad representation of research communities inside ePIC, we encourage scientific service centers to join the ePIC consortium as members. This then allows to allocate new prefixes, gain deeper insight into the development process and to have influence on the decisions ePIC.

A service center can apply for membership at one of our consortium members. In a first step the service center can become a candidate member, that gives it the opportunity to join the ePIC redundancy scheme and becomes an active participant in the technical development process, i.e. to attend the monthly technical board meeting. After half a year the ePIC management board can decide to affiliate the service center as a full member, if it has proven to fulfill the requirements described above for the ePIC consortium.

But to be clear: in order to use the ePIC PID service software, neither as user nor as service provider nor in order to make use of the ePIC redundancy scheme, it is necessary to become an ePIC member. Here it suffices to get in contact with ePIC and to describe the service wanted.

Members Area

The members area is restricted to the affiliated members of ePIC .