ePIC Structure

Goal of ePIC

The assignment of ePIC is to set up and maintain a reliable joint service for registering, storing and resolving persistent identifiers based on handles for the research community.

The ePIC consortium has therefore enabling partner data centers to register PIDs in any number for the data objects and collections they store independent of their possible later use for publications. This registration in general will be done by automated procedures using an API that also allows adding relevant informations such as checksums, pointers to metadata, and rights information.
ePIC is open for any center that stores scientific/research data.


ePIC currently consist of the following members:

CLARIN: European Research Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology

CNIC: Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

CSC: IT Center for Science

CSCS: Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

DKRZ: Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum

GRNET: Greek Research and Technology Network

GWDG: Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen

SND: Swedish National Data Center

SURF: SURF is the collaborative ICT organization for higher education and research in the Netherlands

The management board of the consortium consists of representatives of the full members. The chair of the management is voted always for one year period and is currently

    Tibor Kálmán (GWDG)

Characteristics of ePIC

ePIC is setup as a highly reliable, persistent and high performance service. This is achieved through a network of strong data centers in Europe that share the same service, the same API and that have implemented a redundancy scheme. When one center is out of order the other centers will still resolve the PIDs. Currently six data centers share the service, but with the help of the European Union more strong data centers will join ePIC resulting in a broad European coverage. Registered PIDs will not be deleted as long as they are needed or the objects are accessible.