ePIC sets up and maintains reliable joint services for registering, storing and resolving persistent identifiers based on handles for the research community. Besides the main services we offer

For Users

Usually the most important services are the possibility to generate PIDs and to be sure that the PIDs are resolved for a long time period in a reliable and performant way. Here ePIC provides the following services to the scientific research community

  • PID Service: Services to generate PIDs for digital objects.
  • PID Resolution: Services to guarantuee a reliable resolution of the PIDs, issued by ePIC
  • PID Replication: ePIC replicates the databases of handles to guarantee an all time availability of the PID resolution
  • Global Handle Mirror Server: A mirror of the Global Handle Server in Europe

For Providers

The software stack of the PID service is made available.

  • PID Server Software: Maintenance of the server software to setup a PID-service

At the moment this software is distributed without any support. In case of interest service providers, that want to implement PID services under the umbrella of ePIC , can ask for assistence on a voluntary basis at the contact address.

Global Handle Registry Mirror

Additionally one of the ePIC partners, GWDG, runs a Global Handle Registry Mirror, such that also the resolution of the prefix responsibility can be assured in Europe even if other parts of the global network are temporarily not available.