User Meeting 2012

April 16.-17. 2012
at CSC Helsinki

Monday April 16

11:00 Lunch, restaurant Swing’In, CSC

12:00 Welcome speech, Kimmo Koski (CSC)

Session 1: User perspective
12:30 PIDs: URN vs. Handle: Juha Hakala, National Library of Finland
13:00 URN:NBN Recent developments: Kadir Karaca Kocer, DNB
13:30 DKRZ, Using PIDs from both, DataCite and ePIC : Tobias Weigel, DKRZ
14:00 Scientific Data at DataCite : Jan Brase, DataCite

14:30 Coffee and snack

Session 1: User perspective, continues
15:00 Seismology and persistent identifiers: Claudio Cacciari, CINECA
15:30 part identifiers in Clarin-D: Torsten Compart, Univ. Leipzig
15:50 Eudat needs: replicated repositories: Daan Broeder, MPI f. Psycholinguistics
16:30 nanopub: recent developments: Eric A.Schultes, LUMC
16:50 VC: fragments and replicated repositories from the handle developers viewpoint:
Larry Lannom, Robert Tupolo-Schreck, CNRI
17:20 Discussion

17:30 Dinner, lobby of the auditorium

Tuesday April 17

08:30 Coffee and snack

Session 2: Technical session
09:00 A user’s view of a PID Service: Natasa Bulatovic, MPDL
09:20 New API, Pieter van Beek
09:50 ePIC services last year, handle resolution details, user administration, Tibor Kalman

10:30 Coffee

Session 3: Organizatorial session
11:00 ePIC : current activities and future plans: Ulrich Schwardmann
11:30 Governance structure: user group, providers board and newbies: Maurice Bouwhuis
12:00 Discussion, closing remarks (CSC)

12:30 Lunch, restaurant Swing’In, CSC