User Meeting 2011


April 12. – 13. 2011
at SARA on Science Park Amsterdam


Tuesday, April 12: 13:00-17:30 hrs (Technical)

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Welcome Pieter van Beek, SARA, NL
13:05 Some history of PID’s at MPI Daan Broeder, MPI, Nijmegen, NL
13:30 Coexistence of multiple PID systems and the future of PID systems development Juha Hakala, National Library, FI
14:10 Technical issues concerning integration of the Handle System and URN:NBNs Larry Lannom, CNRI, USA
14:50 Coffee break
15:20 User perspective: Max Planck Digital Library Natasha Bulatovic, MPDL, DE
15:50 The ePIC API Pieter van Beek, SARA, NL
16:20 Resolving and Preserving IDs in the Life Sciences using the Concept Wiki Erik Schultes, LUMC, NL
16:50 PID’s in the CATCHPlus program Hennie Brugman, CATCHPlus, NL
17:10 Plenary discussion
Day closure
17:30 Drinks
18:30 Dinner

Wednesday, April 13: 09:30-13:45 hrs (Managerial)

09:00 Welcome/Coffee
09:40 The PersID Project and APARSEN Maurizio Lunghi Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale, IT
10:10 Technical and managerial decisions, consequences and requirements Gijsbert Kruithof, Jaap van der Velde, National Archive, NL
10:40 The Revision of the URN system and the need for & prospects of standardizing PIDs in general Juha Hakala, National Library, FI
11:10 Recent developments, CLARIN, Dariah and EUDat Peter Wittenburg, MPI, Nijmegen, NL
11:40 Coffee break
12:10 The ePIC MOU and governance structure Ulrich Schwardmann, GWDG, DE
12:40 Recent developments in the Handle System, standardization efforts, and i18n of root servers Larry Lannom, CNRI, USA
13:00 Open Panel Discussion Maurice Bouwhuis, SARA, Patricia Alkhoven, CATCHPlus
13:40 End notes and wrap-up Pieter van Beek, SARA, NL
13:45 Lunch